The Rotary Club of Esperance Bay Inc has a range of event equipment available for hire:

Large Marquee

‘Circus’ Tent


Dance Floor

Stage Lighting

Passenger ‘Train’

Prices include GST, transport (within 35km of Esperance), erection and dismantling.
An extra amount will be charged for transport beyond 35km from Esperance.
A cleaning fee will be charged if the item is not returned in a clean condition.
A bond is required for each item. Refundable if there is no damage or cleaning required.


Marquee: 10m x (up to) 21m 

Covid capacity 105 people.

Cost: $4,950 

Bond: $1,000

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Circus Tent: octagonal - 9m diameter

Covid capacity 31 people

Cost: $550 

Bond: $250

Stage: 4m x 8m

Height adjustable between 400mm and 600mm (most people use 600mm). Consists of 16 1m x 2m floor panels which can be arranged in a variety of configurations.

Cost: $715

Bond: $250

Dance Floor: 5.5m x 5.5m

Plastic panel flooring. Can be laid on flat gravel, sand or grass using ply base sheets.

Cost: $528

Bond: $250

Stage/Party Lighting: 4 x 4 light bars

Various colours and flashing or steady
225 ‘programs’

Cost: $165

Bond: $200

‘The Prince’ Train: Engine + 2 Carriages

Carries 18+ passengers.

Rubber tyres. Suitable for most made surfaces. 

Available for shows, fetes, etc. with driver and ‘conductor’.

Cost: Available on application