Rotary Club of
Esperance Bay


Chair: A/President Renae Poot
Song: Up there Cazaly
Club Guests: Cathy Bamblet, Principal ESHS with Tournament of the Minds students Kalira Docherty, Jack Hughes and Sam Jeffries.
Raffle: Dick Nulsen
Director Reports
A/President –Renae Poot:
EFFF Talent Quest is being promoted on radio. Registration forms are available from the Visitor Centre, Cannery Arts Centre, Thorp Realty, Esperance Community Arts and several other locations around town.
Friday 17 November, 5pm at the Deep Sea Angling Club – Rotary promotion with Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. Set up at 4:30. Wear blue Chambray shirts please.
Club Service – Renae Poot:
RCEB Christmas event planning in progress.
Vocational – David Ford:
EFFF – No funding from Lotterywest; application was too late. Lotterywest visiting Esperance soon – David to talk to them re 2018 EFFF funding
Road Safety Commisson have allocated a grant of $1000 +GST for EFFF
Community – Brett Thorp:
Ronald McDonald House info regarding funding progressing.
International – Paul Wennagel: Via Heather J
NY Rotary visitors - Itinerary and hosting etc. planning in progress.
They will be visiting Esperance 17 – 22 February
Youth – Shane Rothnie
RCEB fundraising Sausage Sizzle at the Kids Xmas event at Adventureland Park Sunday 3 December 10am – 1pm.
A list of the local schools which receive end of year $50 award sponsorships was  read out by Tom M.
Cascade PS, Castletown PS, Condingup PS, Esperance Anglican Community School, Esperance PS, Esperance SHS, Salmon Gums PS, Star of the Sea PS, Nulsen PS.
Heather J to send a list of who is representing RCEB at the school’s events and the dates.
Prickle Farm – Tom Murray
Replacement ewes have been purchased from Kellerberrin at $150/head.
Sorting of current flock to take place on Sunday.
Membership – Charlotte Davidson
Attendance at meetings has been low over the last few weeks – we know some members have Leave of Absence, some are harvesting, some are ill.
Results of Charlotte’s surveys are attached.
Secretary – Heather James
Meals attendance and apologies now back to Heather please.
Directors’ meeting Tuesday 14 November at Garry’s place, 54 Easton Rd, Castletown. [POSTPONED]
Treasurer – Bob Jones - Report given.
From the Floor
Brian T asked re total funding for EFFF. Renae/David replied.
QUBE (stevedore contractor for Port) are sponsoring the event for naming rights for $9000 + GST.
RCEB will be/is being promoted in all adverting.
Attendance:   Low
Fines - Open Session. [Apologies from A/Editor – a total blank!] [Is that a fine?]
Guest Speakers:
Cathy Bamblet, Principal ESHS with Tournament of the Minds (TOM) students Kalira Docherty (Yr 10), Jack Hughe (Yr 7) and Sam Jeffries (Yr 7) arrived at 8pm and were introduced by Jim Gray.
The three students took it in turns to tell members about the Australasian and Pacific Tournament of the Minds final held in Adelaide this year.
TOM is a problem solving competition for school students. ESHS had two teams in the final for 2017. Language/Literature and Social Sciences.
The three students gave an excellent presentation about TOM and their success at the finals.
Brett Thorp thanked the speakers - they are a credit to Esperance.
Program:  TBA
Final Announcements
Tuesday 14 November 2017  at 7:00pm
- RCEB Board meeting at Garry’s place, 54 Easton Rd, Castletown. [POSTPONED]
Friday 17 November 2017    5pm - 7pm
- ECCI Business After Hours - hosted by RCEB and RCE promoting Rotary - at the Deep Sea Angling Club
Sunday, 3 December 2017    10am – 1pm.
- RCEB (Youth) fundraising Sausage Sizzle at the Kids Christmas event at Adventureland Park
RCEB Bulletin - 9 November 2017 Jen Ford 2017-11-14 16:00:00Z 0
Chair: President Garry Wilson
Song: Rock Around the Clock (accompanied by Tim Holland on piano)
Visiting Rotarian: Rennis Lodewikus, RC Mobilong (near Murray Bridge SA) with wife Maria.
Members with Guests: Tamara Virgo arranged for Tim Holland to come along and play for us before the meeting but unfortunately Tam was taken ill and couldn’t attend the meeting. [We all hope she has now recovered. Ed.] We all enjoyed Tim’s piano playing.
Rotary Friend: Chris Jose
Club Guest: Rennis Lodewikus, “Friends of Rotary” fundraiser
Raffle: Andrew Middleton
Director Reports
President – Garry Wilson:
Great night Saturday at the Oake Marsh Farm Bonfire – well organised, beaut weather, ‘cool’ bonfire, potent mulled wine.
Restore Hope Foundation Esperance are requesting help - 4-5 adults a week, fortnightly to support delivery of meals around Esperance. Can be Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights – Monday night needs assistance most. From 5pm for a couple of hours. They provide 2 runs a night.  New volunteers paired with an experienced person until they are familiar with the runs. Phone Heather 0428 712 315 if you are interested.
Club Service – Renae Poot:
Rotary jackets – Renae has ordered two to model (herself and Andrew) They are $77 per jacket.
Renae thanked all who attended and helped with the Bonfire Night.
                      Guess Who
Youth – Shane Rothnie
Youth Meeting after the meeting.
Prickle Farm – Tom Murray
Shearing a possibility this Saturday
Treasurer – Bob Jones
Via Tom M – 5 silents – not good.
From the Floor
Scottish thanked Garry W for the flares demonstration at the Bonfire Night.
Members: 33                          Present: 15                 
Visiting Rotarians: 1                Silent: 5
Visitors: 2                              LoA: 1
Visiting Rotarian: 1                 Club Guest: 2             
Open Fines Session
Garry W – Ian McC re Bonfire Night but said he needn’t pay if he could answer a question. Then asked him ‘What is a Spurlash on a boat?’ [see below for answer]
Peter S – Renae P re the Rotary jackets, suggesting that one should be modelled by Scottish.
Tom M - fined himself and Scottish re loading the lambs.
Guest Speaker:
Mike Clarke introduced Rennis Lodewikus
Rod told members about the Rotary Club of Mobilong’s “Friends of Rotary” program for businesses that wish to support and become involved with a service club without having to become a member. Details are on their web site:
Rennis was thanked by Tom Murray.
Program for Thursday 12th October 2017
      Duties TBA
      Guest Speaker:     Charlotte Davidson - Membership
Final Announcements
Tuesday 10 Oct – Board Meeting at Lee & Paul’s 6pm
Wednesday 18 Oct - Marquee erection at the Showgrounds at 8am.
Thank you to Tim Holland for entertaining us.
Meeting ended with members singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ accompanied by Tim on piano.
[Answer to Garry’s question: A Spurlash is the sound the anchor makes when it hits the water!]
RCEB Bulletin - Thursday 5th October 2017 jen ford 2017-10-07 16:00:00Z 0
Meeting at the Pier Hotel
ATTENDANCE Apologies or Extras
to Bob Jones on 0428 712 402 by 10:30 Thursdays
Chair: President Garry Wilson
Song: How Much is that Doggie in the Window
Visiting Rotarian: Lisa Ellery from RC Hannans-Kalgoorlie
Members with Guests:
Garry Wilson with his children Andrew & Lucy and
Margie Peet
Club Guest: Kerr Fulton-Peebles – In-club 4 Way Test Speech
Raffle: Kerr F-P
Director Reports
President – Garry Wilson:
Garry reported on the Restore Hope Foundation Esperance Ltd Sleep-out at the Soundshell on Friday 11 August.
About 15 ‘bosses’ slept out at the Soundshell.
A fire pit with fire plus the Esperance Chamber of Commerce providing soup helped them survive the cold night.
Family and friends visited and Gerry (RC Esperance) raised $600 for the Foundation.
Over $5,000 was raised on the night.
Restore Hope is on Facebook at
Click on the Restore Hope Foundation Esperance Ltd for more information.
Club Service – Renae Poot:
Still investigating Rotary jackets – information will be circulated by email.
Vocational – David Ford: See Fireworks and Equipment
Community – Brett Thorp:
Christmas Shoebox Appeal – 500 boxes being prepared with coordinator Sue Thomason – packing happening on 8/9 September. $10 cash goes with each box – this is what is best donated at this stage.
Youth – Shane Rothnie
Meeting after this meeting to discuss whale watching trip to Thomas River Sunday 27 August.
Garry W - check trailer for supplies (drinks and other).
Brett T – will take a fire pit and can take trailer.
Shane R - bread, sausages and steak.
Jen F & Lee M – Morning tea, salads & dessert.
Jen F – milk.
Prickle Farm – Fleur McDonald
All good. Canola is flowering – lambs are growing.
Secretary – Heather James
Via Fleur – Greeting from Heather, currently in England – she got to drive a very fast car – next stop Scotland where she will be catching up with Charlotte.
Treasurer – Bob Jones
Membership fees due – most members haven’t paid yet.
Two silent for tonight – BAD.
Fireworks – Via David F
A flyer and registration form for the Esperance Talent Quest (ETQ) will be available from tomorrow (Friday 18th ) at the Esperance Music Festival and then around town. Thanks to Garry, Renae and Naomi Christensen (Shire).
Equipment – Via David F
Lights unpacked (Did you see the demo at last meeting?)
Dance Floor unpacked – will require ply sheets underneath on outdoor surfaces
Stage – initial unpacking to take place Saturday 19 at the Shed 1pm. (Unit 5 behind Thermoair.)
In preparation for a function on 9th September there will be
Training on the erection of the marquee, dance floor and stage from 1pm on Saturday 2nd September
- all members are encouraged to attend.
Location: North side of Gibson East Road 3km west of Dempster Road
Equipment - Via Brett T
Investigating cartage options for the marquee, dance floor and stage
 – will require a 6m, 3.5t triaxle trailer with electric brakes. Cost of trailer c$10 500.
From the Floor
Camp Kulin - Kerr F-P distributed ‘Clink a Coffee for Kulin’ mugs
– the idea is to put in $4 a week (approx. cost of cup of coffee) until it’s full then bring it in to the Treasurer
– all funds go to Camp Kulin.
Attendance Way under 50%
Fines - A/Sergeant: Kerr Fulton-Peebles
Q. What do you call an elephant that is of no use?
A. Errelaphant [irrelevant]
Garry W – for getting Kerr to do A/Serg and his 4 Way Test Speech at the same meeting.
David F – for not letting the 4 Way Test Speech go.
Shane R – not an Uber taxi.
Jim G – wearing his wife’s tights – transvestite?
Wal – new glasses make him look too distinguished.
Q. Re 10 people dead in a cabin in a forest with no access?
A. Plane crash.
Buy the Box
Shane R fined Kerr F-P
Andrew told a joke.
Bob J fined Jim G for paying his membership fee BEFORE he got the invoice.
Bob J fined Wal for thinking Rotary membership fee is tax deductible.
Wal told a joke.
Guest Speaker:
Andrew Middleton introduced Kerr Fulton-Peebles who entertained us with a run through of the 4 Way Test using David Ford’s Speech Competition as an example (with no to the questions).
Kerr then gave an extremely entertaining rendition of The Bricklayer’s Song interspersing the verses with comments on occupational health and safety.
Jim Gray thanked Kerr.
Program for Thursday 24 August
Venue: Emergency Services Centre, Brazier St
Time: – set up 6pm – other members 6.30 for 7pm.
Drinks for sale by EVSR/SES.
   Song                    David Callow
   Invocation            Lee Mackin
   Intro                    Tamara Virgo
   Thanks                 Renae Poot
   Sgt Assist             Shane Rothnie
   Stand By              Kerr F-P
   Guest Speaker      EVSR
Final Announcements
Sunday 27 August Whale watching – family and friends welcome – numbers by next meeting 24 August.
BBQ trailer with food and drinks will be there.
Depart from Thermoair at 9am.
Marquee and equipment set-up practice.
Saturday 2nd September 2017
Gibson East Road.
NOTE: Remember to PHONE the A/Attendance Officer Bob Jones on
0428 712 402 with apologies or guests BEFORE 11am Thursday.
RCEB Bulletin - Thursday 17th August 2017 Jen Ford 2017-08-19 16:00:00Z 0
Away meeting at Nulsen Primary School
ATTENDANCE Apologies or Extras
to Heather on 0419 929 980 by 10:30 Thursdays
Chair: President Garry Wilson
Song: Bottle of Wine
Members with Guests:
Lee Mackin & Paul Wennagel with Gaye & Brian McMullen
 – thanking them for their support for ACE including the loan of a chef for the ‘Dinner” night.
Club Guest:
Belinda Bevan (Nulsen PS);
Saiuj Bhat (Coordinator Teach Learn Grow program)
plus 19 TLG tutors.
Director Reports
President – Garry Wilson:
Fireworks committee had a very productive meeting last Monday
Samara from Festival of the Wind attended and provided some very useful hints and contacts.
There will be a Board meeting on 18th July at 5:30pm at Garry’s office.
International – Paul Wennagel:
Emails from Gabor (Sustainable Cambodia trip member from NY) organising a visit to Southwest WA in February 2018. {read more}
Youth – Shane Rothnie
Meeting after this meeting.
Prickle Farm – Tom Murray
Lamb marking probably on 15/16 July – 8 volunteers required.
Treasurer – Bob Jones
Club still financial!
From the Floor
Lee Mackin – Club will be catering for the blessing of the new EVMR boat at the Esperance Yacht Club on 22 July.
Volunteers required in the kitchen and as servers. Cocktail style afternoon tea. See Lee for more details.
Kerr Fulton-Peebles
  • Eli Waldrop will be visiting Esperance on 20 July
  • Will be following up Camp Kulin scholarships.
Attendance - Heather
Exact figures not available but only about 16 RCEB members attended. Well less than 50%
The new Rotary year has seen 2 members, Ron and Frank move to Honorary membership and the resignation of Warren, Peter and Rob meaning our membership numbers are now 31 Active and 4 Honorary.
Some members are still using the old ATTENDANCE number.
The current number for advising ATTENDANCE is 0419 929 980.
Cut off time for advising attendance is 10:30 Thursday mornings.
Apologies received after that time will still be charged for the meal as the Pier will have been advised of numbers attending.
Fines – Open Fines Session
Shane -
  • Dick T – several phone calls
  • Heather (for something)
Dick T – Bob Jones
Charged Dick for Helen H who was a club guest at Changeover and then sort changed the refund.
(I think “Tight” was the term Dick used.)
Guest Speaker:
Belinda Bevan (TLG Nulsen Coordinator) introduced Saiuj Bhat (TLG team coordinator)
This is the third year a Teach Learn Grow (TLG) team has visited Nulsen PS to provide [Maths] mentoring to students. The team consists of 18 university students from various disciplines and years plus 2 co-ordinators who provide 2 hours of mentoring per day to 45 PS students. The mentors pay their own way and stay in accommodation provided by the host school [often a fairly bare classroom] and bring their own bedding. They also fund raise to pay for transport – usually via TransWA coach.
TLG is a not-for-profit organisation run by uni students from Perth but providing their mentoring service to rural and remote primary schools.
The TLG Vision is an Australia where all children, regardless of background, location or circumstance, reach their educational potential.
TLG now visits about 20 schools with 500 mentors reaching over 1000 pupils.
As well as the Rural mentoring program there is an on-line 1 to 1 eMentoring program and a Tutor Center (which charges a fee) in Perth.
Following his presentation Saiuj answered a number of questions from members.
Saiuj was thanked by Lee.
For general details about the TLG programs see:
For more details about the Rural program at Nulsen PS see:
Program for Thursday 6th July 2017
Song                Ian McCallum
Invocation         Richard Moore
Intro                 Andrew Middleton
Thanks             Tom Murray
Sgt Assist         Shane
Stand By          Dick Nulsen
Guest Speaker  Fiad Pariagn
  Topic              Mental Health
Final Announcements
15/16 July - Prickle Farm – Lamb marking (to be confirmed)
18th July - Board Meeting at 5:30pm at Garry’s office.
22nd July - Catering for the Blessing of the new EVMR boat at the Yacht Club – volunteers required.
Thank you to Gaye & Brian McMullen for attending tonight and for your assistance with ACE 2017.
RCEB Bulletin - 29 June 2017 Jen Ford 2017-06-28 16:00:00Z 0
Chair: 2016-2017 President - Brian Tolhurst began the meeting.
Members with Guests: RCEB members with partners.
Club Guests:
   Club Friend: Chris Jose
   Club Daughter: Dong Hua Gillett
Invited Guests:
Jill Bower and Te Rina Timutimu;
Ray Hancock from Esperance Lions;
Wes & Fran Graham from RC Esperance;
Helen Hennessy;
Stage Band of Esperance Anglican Community School led by Gail Saunders;
Ilka McKeown, violinist.
Departing President Brian Tolhurst announced Lee Mackin and Paul Wennagel as the two recipients of the Ralph Bower Award for Community Service.
Jill Bower, widow of Ralph presented the awards.
Lee and Paul thanked Jill, Lee then said that the award should really go to the whole Esperance Adventure Camp Committee.
           Jill Bower presents the Award to Lee and Paul
Brian presented CLUB DAUGHTER Dong Hua Gillett with a beanie and a pair of ugg boots as a thankyou for her spending a year with us - we will all miss her very much and wish her well for the future.
Outgoing PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Brian Tolhurst
I would just like to talk briefly about “Opportunity”.
When we are invited to join Rotary, we are given a lot of opportunities.
The opportunity to be part of a worldwide humanitarian organisation, The opportunity to make new friends, The opportunity to do some good in the world, the opportunity to do good in your community and the opportunity to form new networks in Esperance and around the world.
This year we all had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia with 45 other Rotarians from the USA and Australia and what a great trip is was for the 14 of us who could make it. We made new friends from the USA and in Cambodia as well as seeing how we can make a difference in the lives of people we will probably never meet.
On our return we were able to raise funds through Bucko’s sausage sizzles and a generous gift from the Golden Orient Restaurant, that enabled the club to provide fresh drinking water to a number of villages, breakfast for the pre-school children at 7 schools for a whole year and share in the provision of a big village basket as part of Sustainable Cambodia’s program of bringing health and education to the poorest people in Cambodia. At Ulf’s farewell dinner, Judy at the Golden Orient insisted that the cost of the meal and drinks be donated back to the club, so an additional $750 was put towards Sustainable Cambodia.
Also this year we had the opportunity to provide a memorable week of fun and excitement to some of the young people in town with disabilities. As Rotarians, I think we may have got as much out of the week-long Adventure Camp as the campers. The support we received from the Esperance Community was almost overwhelming and demonstrated once again what a great community we live in.
Once again the Rotary New Year’s Eve Fireworks were a great success and the team that put this together are to be commended for all the work they do to make this a feature of the towns events calendar.
I would like to thank the club who gave me the opportunity to be your President and in particular my committee that made my job so easy. Kerr for his easy approach to getting things done – especially tonight’s changeover dinner. Without him and his organisationaText Box:  l skills we would probably be down at MacDonalds. David Ford, Bucko, Peter Fox, Peter Schmedje and Fluer McDonald for Prickle Farm, Bob Jones, Renae, Garry Wilson and finally the person with the hardest job in the club and I couldn’t have done this without her help – Heather James as Club Secretary for two years in a row. So Heather, I have a small gift for you. 
Brian presented Secretary Heather James with a bottle of 15 year old Glenfiddich as a thank you for her assistance during his year as President.

Peter Schmedje put forward an extra thankyou to Craig and Gillian Inkster for their assistance agisting sheep for Prickle Farm at no cost and announced that Prickle Farm will be transferring $30,000 to Club funds.
Garry, can you come forward and I will handover to you as our new President and allow you to introduce your new team.
2016-2017 President Brian Tolhurst handed over to 2017-2018 President Garry Wilson.
Incoming PRESIDENT’S REPORT - Garry Wilson
Ladies & gentlemen
Thank you to BT and last year’s committee.
Special mention to
  • Kerr for arranging this evening, entertainment
  • 2016/17 Directors
  • This evenings Ralph Bower Award winners Lee and Paul for their great work with Adventure Camp.
  • Heather for organising reports from Directors for the Annual Report and the incoming directors information files.
I was introduced to club by Lee and Paul in 2007 as guest speaker. Luckily didn’t ignite anyone during a flare demonstration.
I was invited to submit a group study exchange application to Brazil while I on holiday in Queensland. This was unsuccessful but encouraged me to tender one for next year to Norway - a favourable location due to my maritime vocation. In 2009 I was successful in secure a spot to Norway with Lee as team leader. In 2010 we traveled to Norway for a month via the Group Study Exchange program.
Then the badgering started, get togethers increased, invites to RoadWise meetings, Christmas parties - that was only Lee.
My journey towards joining the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay was underway.
During this time I continued to associate with members until in December 2013 I became a member of the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay.
Looking forward I wish to continue the great work of the club, add value to our club and have fun along the way.
Be proud of our club, people identify with our club because we encourage involvement, support the community financially and with assist people power. My hope is for our club to actively support local group initiatives.
I understand members volunteer their time to a number of local community groups, add success to existing programs
People power calling on club members to provide ideas & initiates of your volunteering so as a club we can support you support our community.
We hold one of the largest community events in Esperance with the New Year’s Eve fireworks and the best pyrotechnics in the region by far….
But do the public really know what Rotary does?
So a little educating of the public is in order:
This may include
  • Attending community events as a Rotarian- Blessing of the Roads, opening of something
  • Laying a wreath at Police Remembrance day or ANZAC day service
  • Appearing at a school assembly
Be seen and be proud. Make a Difference.
Such activities will increases our networks and will definitely expose the club to future members and gently the community will understand what Rotary is about.
Now wish to introduce the 2017/18 Club Officers and Directors who will introduce their committee:
Secretary               Heather James
Treasurer              Bob Jones
Club Service          Renae Poot
Membership          Charlotte Davidson
International         Paul Wennagel
Vocational             David Ford
Youth                   Shane Rothnie
Community           Brett Thorp
Prickle farm          Tom Murray & Fleur McDonald
I wish everyone a fantastic year.
The Rotary International theme for 2017/18 is:
“Make a Difference”
Outgoing Sergeant Richard Moore – Incoming Sergeant Katie Williams
RM: Thanks to Brian for asking me to be Sergeant after I’d consumed 15 Coronas and would have said yes to anything that night. 
Heather. Again…….  No name tag and
whilst assisting Gaz with his tie tonight said she found it easier to undress people laying in a prone position and who weren't actually moving 
Gaz. - Set the standard for this year. Nice tie but top button undone and shirt hanging out. 
Wal - met Heather tonight but seemed more interested in her new friend Glen Fiddich.
Bob Jones - Flooded the onions at the BBQ sizzle. Mushed snaggers everywhere. 
Katie - House sat for Gaz last week. What Katie didn't know was Garry has CCTV which records every room. New DVD out Monday - What Katie does...... MA version but X rated can be ordered on line. 
Fine of the year on Charlotte. At Fraser Range Charlotte was having trouble getting the shower to work despite putting several coins in. Kaye suggested she turn on the tap! 
Tom Murray thanked Peter Schmedje for his Prickle Farm management and mentioned that the PF team is ad hoc and anyone can be tapped on the shoulder to participate.
Lee Mackin read out the following ‘telegrams’ from two of the Norway GSE team.
“Congrats Garry on being elected Rotary Club President, you’ll leave a great legacy for all the right reasons – just don’t try to speak Norwegian or any other language to any international Rotarians – your English is hard enough to understand. All the best Mate! Diggers.”
“Gazza. Congratulations to you on becoming numero uno! And well done to your fellow Rotarians on making such an excellent choice of leader. I was fortunate enough to see your fantastic leadership qualities close up as a fellow member of the GSE team to Norway in 2010, where you showed the rest of us that even in times of adversity all would be well with a team-first attitude and a beer or two! Although I’m not sure of the wisdom of capturing SO much on camera!! Good on you
Gaz, I couldn’t be happier for you. Anj Smithson (and family!)”
Prior to the Changeover Meeting commencing members and guests were entertained by the EACS Stage Band and between the main course and dessert by violinist Ilka McKeown
Program 29 June 2017 Nulsen Primary School
      Song                   David Ford   
      Invocation           Bruce Jones
      Intro                   David Callow
      Thanks               Lee Mackin
      Sgt Assist            Shane Rothnie
      Stand By             Fleur McDonald
      Rotary Info         Kerr Fulton-Peebles (4 Way Test speech)
      Guest Speaker    Teach Learn Grow program co-ordinator
Final Announcements
The floral arrangements on the tables were made by one of the EACS parents and anyone wishing to at the end of the evening could take one home.
Thank everyone for attending.
Thanks to the Pier staff for their good service, Kerr for organising the evening and BT for successfully guiding the club through another Rotary year.
The meeting next Thursday 29th June will be at Nulsen Primary School.
RCEB Bulletin - Changeover 23 June 2017 jen ford 2017-06-25 16:00:00Z 0
Chair: President - Brian Tolhurst
Song: Tie Me Kangaroo Down
Club Guests:
   Club Friend: Chris Jose
   Club Daughter: Dong Hua Gillet
Guest Speaker: John & Helen SIMPSON
Raffle: Garry Wilson
Director Reports
President – Brian Tolhurst:
Tues 6 June Board Meeting – Outgoing & Incoming Directors at EACS 7:00pm.
Sat 17 June Farewell dinner for Ulf at 7:00pm at the Golden Orient.
  • If attending please email Brian Tolhurst.
Fri 23 June Changeover Dinner – Bonaparts – 6:30 for 7:00pm
Sat 1 July District 9465 Changeover Dinner and Dance. 6pm for 6:30pm,
Sorry to report that Peter Fox is resigning from Rotary due to family and work commitments.
Vocational – David Ford:
At the meeting on 8 June 3 members will participate in the RCEB 4 Way Test Speech Contest.
– an email will be sent.
Also Dong Hua will give a farewell presentation.
Community – Garry Wilson:
2018 16-18 March. District 9465 Conference, Margaret River.
Last weekend District Assembly and Training was attended by several members.
    Interesting sessions.
Garry read out a letter from the Esperance Branch of the Disability Services Commission thanking us for Adventure Camp.
International – Jeff Buckman:
Sausage Sizzles at Bunnings
  • Sun 11 June; and
  • Sat 17 June
  • Muffins can be sold also – if any members would like to contribute.
  • In aid of Sustainable Cambodia.
Youth – Peter Fox
NYSF (National Youth Science Forum) – our applicant's EoI has gone through – we wish her luck.
Prickle Farm – Via Scottish
  • sheep OK,
  • wild turnip mulched.
Secretary – Heather James
Directors’ reports required by 14 June.
From the Floor
Dick Nulsen – Bowelscan month of May completed
  • kits still available until early in week beginning 5 June.
Took part in the HBF Fun Run and received a medal!
Renae Poot – passed around raffle tickets to raise funds for Mallee Netball. No obligation to buy any.
No details available.
Fines: Sergeant - Richard Moore
Sergeant: “I have a fear of speed bumps ..... But I'm slowly getting over it.”
Shane - Parking. White line
Heather - Blamed Shane for parking to close to her new Hearse
Bucko - Shave da legs and stop jumping in and what’s Lees name 
Chris - Trim da beard my friend 
Gaz – Man jew raa
Bob & Heather - Two computers to record attendance 
Jen - I'll pay. Looking magnificent tonight & I had the pleasure of sitting next to u tonight. 
Heather (Again) - Directors, please get your reports in late so Heather jumps your bones. 
An Australian, an Irishman and a Scottish guy are in a bar.
They're staring at another man sitting on his own at a table in the corner. He's so familiar, and not recognising him is driving them mad. They stare and stare, until suddenly the Irishman twigs: “My God, it's Jesus!”
Sure enough, it is Jesus, nursing a pint.
Thrilled, they send him over a pint of Guinness, a pint of Fosters and a pint of bitter.
Jesus accepts the drinks, smiles over at the three men, and drinks the pints slowly, one after another.
After he's finished the drinks, Jesus approaches the trio. He reaches for the hand of the Irishman and shakes it, thanking him for the Guinness. When he lets go, the Irishman gives a cry of amazement: “My God! The arthritis I've had for 30 years is gone. It's a miracle!”
Jesus then shakes the Aussie's hand, thanking him for the lager. As he lets go, the man's eyes widen in shock. “Strewth mate, the bad back I've had all my life is completely gone! It's a Miracle.”
Jesus then approaches the Scottish guy who says, “Back off, mate, I'm on disability benefit.”
Buy the Box
Heather J – Scottish for buying the wine and getting the change muddled.
Peter F – Garry W re installation of child safety device in vehicle.
Renae P put money in – thanked Garry for best red she has had in 3 weeks.
Bucko – all the Purple People.
Scottish – Brian T - ???
Shane – Bucko - ???
Dong Hua G – Richard M – his choice of radio station and then dancing in the car.
Guest Speaker:
John Simpson was introduced by Tom Murray.
John is the author of “Born to Command – Not to Take Orders! The Brooks of Balbinia Station. Pioneers of Israelite Bay Western Australia”.
John told us about his and Helen’s research into the Brooks family – Helen being related through her great grandfather. John Brooks and his sister Sarah were raised with ‘expectations’. They were educated in Geelong, sponsored by relatives and then John worked with the relatives until, presumably there was a falling out. John, his mother Emily and Sarah moved to WA, ending up in Esperance. John got a job as Linesman at Israelite Bay in 1875, then after leaving the PMG took up a land lease at Balbinia. A small house and a larger shed were built and sheep were run on the property (original flock bought from Campbell Taylor at Lynburn Staion).
Emily died in 1911, Sarah in 1928 (buried at Norseman) and John in 1930. John and Sarah never married. Sarah was well known and liked, was an accomplished watercolourist and provided botanical specimens to renowned botanist Ferdinand Von Mueller – she has two plants named after her (Scaevola brookeana and Hakea brookeana).
John sent letters to the press and wrote essays on Aboriginal customs.
Jeff Buckman thanked John for an interesting insight into one of Esperance’s pioneers.
Program for Thursday 8th June at the Pier
      Song          Richard Moore
      Invocation   Paul Wennagel
      Intro          David Ford
      Thanks       Ulf Bamberg
      Sgt Assist   Shane
      Stand By    Ian McCallum
      Thumbnail  Dong Hua Gillet
      Guest Speaker   3 RCEB 4 Way Test Speech Contestants
Final Announcements
Tues 6 June Board Meeting – Outgoing & Incoming Directors at EACS at 7pm.
Sun 11 June – Sausage Sizzle @ Bunnings
Sat 17 June – Sausage Sizzle @ Bunnings
Sat 17 June Farewell dinner for Ulf at 7pm at the Golden Orient.
  • If attending please email Brian Tolhurst
Thu 22 June – No meeting.
Fri 23 June Changeover Dinner at Bonaparts – 6:30 for 7:00
Sat 1 July District 9465 Changeover Dinner and Dance.
RCEB Bulletin - Thursday 1st June 2017 Jen Ford 2017-06-04 16:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Esperance Bay has a large marquee for hire.
Hire proceeds go to supporting the charities and projects of the Club.
Size: 21m x 10m (also available in smaller sections).
Hire cost includes erection and dismantling.
For more information and pricing contact David Ford on 0407 036 173.
MARQUEE for Hire David Ford 2017-02-26 16:00:00Z 0
  • 16 April 2017 - 22 April 2017
The Rotary Club of Esperance Bay, with support from the Rotary Club of Esperance, is holding a camp for disabled young adults in April 2017.
We are seeking Camp Friends/Carers to support our participants.
Carers do not need to have any experience, just a willingness to help, and encourage our participants.
Apart from providing a great week of activities for our participants, our Carers will be providing much needed respite for primary carers.
For further information please contact Caroline McCallum 0400 336 930
See the article below for more information about the Camp.
CARERS WANTED David Ford 2017-02-26 16:00:00Z 0
Dinner Meeting at the Pier Hotel
Chair: President Brian Tolhurst
Song: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Visiting Rotarians: Club Daughter Dong Hua Gillet
Raffle: Jim Gray
Director Reports
President – Brian Tolhurst:
Instead of a guest speaker the Esperance Foreshore Festival & Fireworks will be discussed.
Last week’s Xmas Dinner raised $1900 for Sustainable Cambodia. ($400 from the kettle!)
Community – Garry Wilson:
EFFF Program given and members’ present volunteered for various tasks and activities.
Emails with more details will be sent to members participating.
If you weren’t present and can help on 31st then contact Garry W or Bruce J for task allocation.
Members are to wear red RCEB polo shirts for the event (if possible).
Prickle Farm Peter Schmedje/Fleur McDonald
Via Tom M – 134 lambs shorn (not for flystrike issues but for grass seeds).
Via Heather – sheep and troughs checked – mainly fixed the trough problem but had to call on Scottish to help.
Membership – Renae Poot
STAR meeting went well. Good discussion on Club Service.
Next STAR meeting Tues 21 Feb. Rotary International will be the topic.
Secretary – Heather James
Thanks for RCEB sponsorship from Castletown PS; Teen Challenge; Esperance PS; Nulsen PS; EACS; ESHS; Salmon Gums PS.
Shelterbox Annual Report received.
Treasurer – Bob Jones
Worked out that attendance last week was 100%
From the Floor
Andrew M
– 2016 New Word of the Year – TESTICULATE.
     Definition: to talk bollocks with large arm movements.
– Long quote re risk management for operating one horse sleighs and other Xmas activities.
Attendance: numbers not available.
Fines Sergeant - Richard Moore
Gaz - Drive to Norseman for crayfish on Tuesday and forgot to bring some back for his mates. But the good news is. He lost more weight if you know what I mean. 
Bob - Who buys specs to the value of $2.50 and shares them with the Fines master 
Dick - Mobile phone 
Scottish - Name tag
Bruce - Spoke to Gaz today about fireworks. Kept changing his mind and asked if he thought they could change the date to February 
Caitlyn - Cody was punching above his weight and dumped the beautiful Caitlyn because he no longer needed her to iron his school uniform 
Heather - EFS logo is a heart. She needs to have a heart that's bigger than an Ants so we can see it 
Gaz - Keeps bringing his favourite blue tipple ware container to Rotary
Brett - How do you spell Garrrrrry in your official Angling Club letters?
Dave - Left Gaz place last night. Turned right and drive the length of Eastern Rd on the wrong side of the road.
Sergeant’s Jokes:
Buy the Box
Scottish fined the Sergeant for his “crap” jokes.
Final Announcements
NO meeting on Thu 29th December 2016.
Next Meeting: 5th January 2017 at 8 Bostock St. (Jim & Anne Gray’s House)
  BBQ and Social evening with partners.
  An email will be sent to all members soon requesting an RSVP. Please do so.
  Please BYO drinks and glass.
RCEB Bulletin - 22 December 2016 Jen Ford 2016-12-23 00:00:00Z 0
Busking Competition David Ford 2016-12-22 00:00:00Z 0
Dinner Meeting at the Pier Hotel
Chair: President - Brian Tolhurst
Guest Speaker: Cliff Spencer from the Bureau of Meteorology, Esperance.
Cliff spoke about the future of the Esperance Met Office. Most regional offices are being automated and de-staffed 80%. Meekatharra in January 2017; Halls Creek, Broome and Port Hedland soon after.
Kalgoorlie is closing as from Wednesday 30 November and will be run remotely from Esperance. Esperance will eventually close in 2019/20.
Cliff has been here 25 years – then there were 5 staff and a 24hour roster. Now nominally 2 staff (one currently seconded to Cocos Is) M-F 9-5. Cliff will be ready to retire then but for a lot of regional Met staff in WA if will be a move to the city or a career change.
Newdegate now has a radar site using a new, more accurate doppler radar. Doodlakine and Wubin will have radar sites commissioned soon.
Esperance radar is now on Weather Watch all morning.
Most of the weather balloons now have GPS trackers.
RCEB Bulletin 24th November 2016 Jen Ford 2016-11-29 00:00:00Z 0
EFFF 2016 David Ford 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
RCEB Meeting 13th October 2016
District Governor Linda McLerie with RCEB members Dong Hua, Heather, Peter and Jeff
Chair: President Brian Tolhurst
Song: Pub with no Beer- Greg
Club Guest: District Governor Linda McLerie
Visiting Rotarians: Wes Graham RC of E
Members’ Guests: Linda’s mum Faye, Peter S with Alias, Dick T with Kaye
Raffle: Bob Jones albeit a bit suspect
Director Reports
President – Brian Tolhurst:
Following a minor heart flutter & layover in hospital following marquee erection – thanked members for visits, advised all if have any chest pains have it checked out. Special thanks to Katie for hatching escape plan.
Club Service – Kerr Fulton-Peebles
24th October is World Polio day
25th October is STAR @ EACS
27th October presentation on 4 Way Test Speech Contest by Dave Ford
Vocational – David Ford: Missing in action
Community – Garry Wilson:
Recent Tuesday (11th) members including team leader Wazza, real team leader Paul, Jimmy, myself (safety), BT, Foxy, Senior & Junior Thorpy, Peter Baker, Scottish erected the marquee for the Esperance Show in record time. Not sure who keeps the records but a JSA was done with no reportable incidents. Thanks also to Heather & t/a Caitlyn for a lovely morning coffee & treats. No Bucko arrived
International – Jeff Buckman:
The club so far sending 16 people to support Sustainable Cambodia – 8 paid & 8 others keen with an extension provided to 24th November for payment. Last Sunday 9th a Bunnings BBQ held with $625 raised for Sustainable Cambodia. Previous raised was $400 a couple of weeks ago - stores purchased from this money.
Members assisted included BT, Brett, Sarge, Lee, Paul, Bucko & Renae (with Dong-Hua provided sliced up onions) 4th December Bunnings BBQ- Bucko unavailable – will need assistance including a team leader- Sustainable Cambodia people especially need apply
Youth – Peter Fox:
9th November @ 1800hrs or 6pm – Clontarf end of year presentations to be held at the Esperance Football club - see Foxy.
RYLA- have one suitable applicant- aimed at 18- 27 year olds
Prickle Farm – Peter Schmedje:
Attended on Monday with Alias- crops looking healthy- barley & wheat, lots of feed for the amount of sheep (low number due to recent off-load).
Thanked Wal for his “xpert?” foresight.
Membership – Renae Poot:
25th October @ EACS- study questions to follow
Request if any members going to Perth on the 9th November able provide a lift for Dong-Hua.
Will be distributing NYE Fireworks expression of interest forms for stall holders/ other activities at the Esperance Show tomorrow, request assistance received from Gaz.
Secretary – Heather James: – nil
Treasurer – Bob Jones: - Nil
From the Floor
  • 3rd November- Dong-Hua 18th birthday
  • Bucko advised to hold a “International Night” in the new year, TBA.
  • High Tea function- Jenny Heasman offered to donate her abode possibly on the 26th November or 3rd December- interested members see Heather
  • Wal gave thumbs up for wine deal ($133) for 15 bottles available from Rotary Down Under site
  • Shanal keen to organise a gun shoot at the gun club, invite other club (targets?) members, intend to have a BBQ with club members- will work on a suitable date.
  • Dong-Hua addressed club on previous week’s activities. Returned back to school on Tuesday, short week due to show. Up yesterday at 6am with Andrew to attend to cows, watched pregnancy test @0630 that was “a bit disgusting”. Today went to the beach twice and away next week on a camp to Margaret River.
Attendance - Ulf
Members: 37   Apologies: 11
Present: 19     Make-ups: 2
Visitors: 2       Visiting Rotarians:
LoA: 4            Honorary Members: 0
Silent: 4         Club Guests: 22
Fines open fines session
non mechanic Richard was stuck in Perth
Renae- Shane- trip no postcard
BT- retention numbers
Pete S- mentor to Al
Greg Hard- that shirt
Al- Smedj- not succeeding in life
Buy the Box
Jimmy - adaboy’s to all & sundry for marquee erection on Tuesday start @ 7:30am completed by 10:30am including morning tea & JSA brief, paid $4400 inc for hire
Guest Speaker: District Governor Linda McLerie.
Linda acknowledged the support of her husband Greg in Kalgoorlie.
Born in Kal of 6 kids. Met Greg at 16 yo & married in 1984. Have 2 girls.
Taken a year of nurse work to concentrate on DG role.
University degree in nursing in 1999.
Also a midwife who delivered 1st grandchild.
Daughter Emma exchange student to Denmark in 2002.
Host family in 2003 & member of youth exchange.
2004 conference committee.
2005 on exchange committee, Handicamp committee and DG nominee.
Linda provided in depth and interesting history of Rotary, starting with Paul Harris.
Provided views on more attention to community and effort to Rotary with less emphasis on attending to weekly meetings.
Effort to make clubs more vibrant, challenge club for membership growth including younger members, celebrate who we have.
Be proud of your club, be visible.
The effort of Rotary should see the end of polio, 70 cases in 2015, 24 in 2016.
Rotary can change the world.
Members should endeavour to engage more with community through Rotary initiatives.
Linda invited members to district conference to be held in Fremantle Sailing Club on 31st March 2017, our Fleur to be a guest speaker.
Thanks - John Wallace with a gift presented to Linda.
– self-indulgent Wal went on to say he was the youngest to join Rotary (30 years old?)
Program for 20th October 2016
Song:          Bucco
Invocation:  Foxxy
Intro:          Katie
Thanks:      Peter S
Sgt Assist:  Shanal
Stand By:   Dick Thorp
Guest Speaker: Clayton Fredericks- Southern Fibre Fibre (woodchips)
Jimmy advised members wishing to view the wood chips stockpile operation to meet at gate at 6pm next Thursday.
Located on South Coast Highway opposite the tourist information bay.
Normal meeting at the Pier following this talk/ walk through.
Final Announcements
Monday - marquee down (weather permitting) at the show. Heather via Wazza to send email request.
Thanks to Linda for her talk and to visiting guests Wes, Alias, Kaye & Faye and Dong-Hua
Bulletin for 13th October 2016 Garry Wilson 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
RCEB Dinner Meeting - 15th September 2016
at the Pier Hotel
Chair: President Brian Tolhurst
Song: Up There Cazaly
Members with Guests: Dong Hua Gillet, Club daughter
Club Guest: Meredith Waters, TEDx Esperance
Raffle: Jeff Buckman
Director Reports
President – Brian Tolhurst:
District Governor Linda McLerie will be visiting on 13 October 2016.
Jen F has been doing the Bulletin while Eldrian is away but will also be away from
    29 September until 20 October inclusive.
Would anyone or several like to volunteer?
[It is only four meetings and I can supply a template
– David can give Clubrunner tips before we leave! A/Ed]
Vocational – David Ford:
Nothing to report.
Community – Garry Wilson:
Emergency Services Fun Day this Sunday 18 Sep.
Katie W is team leader. Small gazebo to be erected.
Meet at 9am at hockey grounds in Brazier St.
BBQ at ES co-location building in Brazier St. after.
International – Jeff Buckman:
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Sun 25 Sep.
Requires 2 or 3 volunteers for two shifts
   – 8.30-11.30 and 11.30-14.30.
Renae, Dong Hua and Heather will be providing cupcakes for sale.
Youth – Peter Fox:
No Report
Prickle Farm – Peter Schmedje/Fleur McDonald:
Via Fleur M
– 133 lambs sold – averaged $112.93 per head.
- Samples to test for Johnes Disease were taken – will take 3 weeks to get results.
- Sheep still at Inkster’s will go next week.
Via John W
– Shearing at Dellavedova’s – 450 lambs shorn and put on barley crop.
- All sheep now vaccinated and drenched.
- Most of the beer had to be drunk by RCEB members.
- Luke O’Shaughnessy, New Era Shearing, donated hire of a wool press and his fee.
Dick Thorp has a portable toilet to donate to the Club if someone can find a trailer for it.
Scottish bought the Box and fined Bucko and Wal for not knowing when to stop talking.
Membership – Renae Poot:
Sent a membership list around for everyone to check their details.
Secretary - Heather James:
Macular Disease Foundation Australia is holding a mEYE World Photographic Competition to raise awareness macular disease, the leading cause of blindness in Australia.
Theme is See My World.
Check out the website at
Competition runs from 30 Aug – 18 Oct 2016.
Treasurer - Bob Jones:
22 members have paid their membership fees; 12 have not.
From the Floor
Jeff B – Clontarf still needs a car – contribution from Club to be discussed at next Directors’ meeting.
Dong Hua G – her week included:
- drenching sheep at PF;
- going to a birthday party at Scottish’s;
- attending a netball presentation; and
- she saw her first Tiger Snake!!! surprise
Tom M reported on the dismantling of the large marquee.
- Good crew got it down by smoko.
- Jonesy got drenched when Pres Brian removed water from the roof.
Members: 34               Apologies: 8
Present: 24                 Make-ups: 5
Visiting Rotarians: 0     Silent: 2 (will be invoiced)
Visitors: 0                   LoA: 1
Club Guests: 1            Honorary Members: 0
Fines: Sergeant - Richard Moore
Caitlin J for her first night on the Bar.
Told a joke.
Garry – coffee machine story.
Scottish - new car.
Bucko – arrived in time for smoke – dismantling already finished.
Scottish – at PF dog no good so used ute – wrecked the crop.
Foxy & Rick – can’t wear lycra to Rotary.
Rick - haka
Wal – longest update ever.
Ulf – went to a burlesque show – decided he needs to visit OPSM
Fleur – Where’s Wally?
Finished with another joke.
Buy the Box
Renae P fined Richard M – heart sink moment but then heart lift – bicycle for Dong Hua.
Bucko read out ‘joke’ article from ‘WA”.
Scottish fined Foxy – needed to sign forms – made a time – Foxy cancelled  - excuse ‘man flu’.
Guest Speaker:
Mike Clarke introduced Meredith Waters.
Meredith told us about TEDx Esperance Women.
TED stands for Technology Education and Design – a not for profit organisation that shares good ideas.
Short talks (c18 minutes).
The x in TEDx Esperance Women stands for independently organised TED event.
It will be held on 28 October and run all day starting at 6am – 4 sessions will be screened.
This first event is limited to 100 people.
Funds are needed for a banner or road sign advertising the event which is free.
Theme is It’s About Time.
Lee Mackin thanked Meredith.
Program – 22 September at the Pier
      Song                    Katie Williams
      Invocation            Lee Mackin
      Intro                    Fleur McDonald
      Thanks                 Renae Poot
      Sgt Assist             Shane Rothnie
      Stand By              Greg Hard
      Guest Speaker:   Helen Devenish
      Topic: Umbrella Project - Improving the Resilliance of Esperance Youth
Final Announcements
Emergency Services Fun Day Sunday 18 Sep.
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Sun 25 Sep - volunteers wanted.
RCEB Bulletin - 15 September 2016 jen ford 2016-09-15 00:00:00Z 0

If you will be an apology for the meeting or have a guest(s) please
call or SMS Ulf Bamberg on
  0457 176 767  BEFORE 10am Thursday.
(If you can't get Ulf call Bob Jones on 0428 712 402.)
Silent members will still be charged for the meal!
[Ulf is the new Attendance Officer.]

ATTENDANCE Ulf David Ford 2016-09-15 00:00:00Z 0
at St John Ambulance
Chair: President - Brian Tolhurst
Members with Guests:
  • Andrew with Rotary exchange student Dong Hua Gillet;
  • Shane R with Chris Jose;
  • Bruce Jones with Karen Jones.
Club Guest: Nola George and Paul Gaughan from St John Ambulance.
Raffle: Karen Jones
Brief Reports
Club Service – Kerr Fulton-Peebles
Handed out the RCEB Calendar. Can be added to – let Kerr or David know.
Prickle Farm – Peter Schmedje
This Sunday 28th Shearing at Inksters – weather permitting.
Ulf B and Peter F will assist Scottish and Peter S and take beer for shearing team.
Membership – Renae Poot
STAR Program (Special Training for Action in Rotary) meeting to be held Tues 30 Aug at EACS.
Invitations will be out soon. Please let Renae know if you are attending.
From the Floor:
Dong Hua told us about her trip to Bunbury to meet all the other exchange students – it was good as they can help each other. They are going to fund raise for Rotary Foundation.
Lee M – Adventure Camp meeting at her place Wednesday 31 Aug at 7pm.
Attendance figures are not available at this time however there were 25 Rotarians present - including our 3 guests.
Guest Speakers:
David Ford introduced Nola George and Paul Gaughan from St John Ambulance.
Nola, with assistance from Paul, presented information on the DRSABCD action plan and how to use a defibrillator.
See for more information.
Nola also told us about an 'app' for iPhone and Android mobile phones called "Emergency +" that can be downloaded to your phone.
Bruce Jones thanked Nola and Paul.
A sumptuous dinner of pizza and Subway with dessert followed.
A question session followed the meal and members then tried their hand at CPR and using the defibrillator.
Program for Thursday 1st September
      Song                        Jeff Buckman
      Invocation               Charlotte Davidson
      Intro                        Jen Ford
      Thanks                     Greg Hard
      Sgt Assist                 Shane Rothnie
      Stand By                   Dick Nulsen
      Vocational Speaker   Dick Thorp (5 mins)
      Guest Speaker          Shane Rothnie  Ride to the Other Side
Final Announcements
STAR Program (Special Training for Action in Rotary) meeting to be held Tues 30 Aug at EACS.
Please let Renae know if you are attending.
This Sunday 28th Shearing at Inksters (weather permitting).
Minutes of the meeting held on 25th August Jen Ford 2016-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th August 2016 Jen Ford 2016-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Minutes - Thursday 4th August 2016 David Ford 2016-08-08 00:00:00Z 0
RCEB Minutes for meeting held on 16 July 2015 Eldrian Basson 2015-07-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jen Ford on Jun 18, 2015
Chair: President Rob Simpson
Song: The Lumberjack Song
Members with Guests: Peter Schmedje with his daughter Kaitlin. Rick Martin with his wife Sue (introduced by Ian McCallum!).
Club Guest: Brendan Falcone, Wongutha CAPS
Raffle: Brian Tolhurst
Director Reports
President – Rob Simpson:
Directors’ meeting approved payment of $3500 to Rotary Foundation ($100 per each member). Radio Auction disbursement –full amount for the specified projects - $40 000 for Nursing Home kitchens; $7000 for the Soccer Club; $4 005 for 5 x wheelchairs. Total donated currently $45 000 with a trickle still arriving.
Dance Devotion sent letter thanking Club for $500 donation.
Clontarf is asking for $3 000 for surfboards and $2 000 for flippers, snorkels and sleepingbags - a total of $5 000
Club Service – Bruce Jones
Vocational – David Ford:
Community – Charlotte Davidson:
International – Andrew Middleton:
Long Table Lunch postponed due lack of numbers but event not shelved as all the work that went into it can be utilised at a later date. A big thankyou to all who put so much into the planning.
Paul W especially thanked Renae P.
Renae asked that the Club assist Mike Penny and RadioWest 747 and buy tickets in the Give Me 5 For Kids raffle. $25 / ticket for a $10 000 prize. Closes 30 June so buy now!! Tickets available from RadioWest (90712747), Pink Lake Butchers and the newsagents.
Youth – Kerr Fulton-Peebles
Prickle Farm – Ian McCallum
Ewes moved. Urea spread. Some rain. Crops looking good. Spading paddock looking good.
Lamb marking Sunday 4 July.
Membership - Heather James
Rotary Information:
Bay Bulletin for the meeting held on 18 June 2015 Jen Ford 2015-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Jun 18, 2015

Please RSVP to Lee Mackin at or 0427 721 006 by June 20 2015.
Please rsvp to Lee Mackin at or 0427 721 006
by June 20 2015.
- See more at:

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Rotary Club of Esperance Bay

2015 Changeover Evening


The President of the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay,

Mr Rob Simpson

invites you and your partner to the annual

‘Changeover Dinner’

Saturday June 27 2015

Bonaparte’s  Restaurant

The Esplanade, Esperance

6.30 for 7pm

$60 per head.

Please rsvp to Lee Mackin at or 0427 721 006

by June 20 2015.

- See more at:

Rotary Club of Esperance Bay

2015 Changeover Evening


The President of the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay,

Mr Rob Simpson

invites you and your partner to the annual

‘Changeover Dinner’

Saturday June 27 2015

Bonaparte’s  Restaurant

The Esplanade, Esperance

6.30 for 7pm

$60 per head.

Please rsvp to Lee Mackin at or 0427 721 006

by June 20 2015.

- See more at:
2015 Changeover Dinner David Ford 2015-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Jul 26, 2012

Our club has supported the Esperance Senior High School team entered in this event. The following email was received from Toni Hawkins who was with the team in Melbourne for the races on Albert Park Lake: "Melbourne cold but kids doing well sitting 7 out of 22 at present. The photo below is of them with John Bertrand who spent a couple of hours with us today - big thrill for kids! They met Jessica Watson on Thursday (12th July). Photos of that on net at ESHS Team with Jessica Watson".

Day 3 story  Team Racing Championship Day 3

The final results are at 2012 Australian Schools Team Racing Championship

The Esperance Senior High School teams came a creditable 9th out of 22.

2012 Australian Schools Team Racing Championship David Ford 2012-07-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Jun 23, 2012
Ralph Bower Award for Outstanding Community Service

The Ralph Bower Award for Outstanding Community Service was instigated in 2003 following the death of Mr Bower, a former Club member who contributed enormously to the development of the Esperance community, and for whom the popular Ralph Bower Adventureland Park was named.

The award is presented annually in recognition of service to the community that goes well ‘above and beyond’ what we would expect.  Club members are asked to nominate recipients for consideration, and the successful nominee is decided through popular vote by members of the Club board.  Nominees are judged on their work in service to the local community over an extended period of time, and it is considered a rare honor to receive this award.  Usually presented to a member of the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay, the Ralph Bower Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service has only three times before been presented to an organisation or individual outside of the club.  

This year, the Award is presented to Mr Ian Mickel.  
Ian Mickel was a Councillor for the Shire of Esperance for 22 ½ years, including almost 15 years in total as Shire President.
Ian has represented our community on many local government boards and committees and served as a local government representative on the Goldfields Esperance Regional Development Commission.
Most importantly, Ian has championed Esperance as a community and as a great destination to live, work and play.
Ian is a very worth recipient of this prestigious award.

Mrs Jill Bower presented Ian with his Award.

Ralph Bower Award for Outstanding Community Service David Ford 2012-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Jun 23, 2012
Paul Harris Fellow Presentation

The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris who, with three business associates, founded Rotary in Chicago in 1905. The Paul Harris Fellowship was established in his honour in 1957 to express appreciation for a contribution US$1,000 donated to the humanitarian and educational programs of The Rotary Foundation. These initiatives include an array of projects that save lives and add value to the lives of people around the world and enhance international friendship and understanding. Foundation programs provide educational opportunities, food, potable water, health care, immunizations, and shelter for millions of persons. These activities are funded, implemented and managed by Rotarians and Rotary clubs around the globe.

In most Rotary clubs in Australia the Paul Harris Fellowship is be presented to a club or community member who  demonstrates the true meaning of ‘Service above Self’ and it is in recognition of a significant club and/or community contribution. Our Club donates US$1,000 to the Rotary Foundation on behalf of our Paul Harris Fellowship recipient.

This year we are awarding the Paul Harris Fellowship to a member of our Club.

This Rotarian has consistently been involved fully in all Club activities, and has played a major role in maintaining the cohesiveness of our Club.  This member has always been available to other members of the Club -and often the wider community - to assist with projects and activities, and willingly provides a sounding board to both old and new members.  A ‘good’ ear is a useful trait for a Rotarian to have!

Since joining the Club in 2003, this Rotarian has held numerous positions within the Club - but has most been noted for showing unfailing good humor, enthusiasm and boundless energy. These traits, along with professionalism, attention to detail – and endless compassion and understanding - are also evident in the vocational activities of this member.

Ladies and gentleman,
Heather James is a most worthy recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship.

PHF Heather
Paul Harris Fellowship Presentation David Ford 2012-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Faye Kyle and the GSE Team in Russia David Ford 2012-05-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Mar 20, 2012
RCEB at the Kalgoorlie Conference

Eleven Rotarians, four partners and three pachyderms made up the Esperance Bay contingent to the Rotary District 9465 conference in Kalgoorlie.
There were some interesting speakers and good entertainment.
It rained Sunday afternoon and evening and into Monday thanks to the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Lua.

Our official pachyderm entry (made by Charlotte) won the Governor's award.
Here are some pictures of our entries:

Charlottes Pachyderm
Charlotte's RCEB Pachyderm

Jens pachyderm
Jen's pachyderm

Helens pachydermHelen's pachyderm (wall hanging)

RCEB pachyderms

RCEB pachyderms on display at Conference

Some of our members at the Governor's banquet on Saturday night:

Famous 5Famous 5

Indian or whatPaul & Jenny

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Rotary District 9465 Conference 2012 - Kalgoorlie David Ford 2012-03-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Mar 07, 2012
Your primary school in remote Bakan District of Pursat Province in Cambodia

The following emails and photos have recently been received from PDG Allan Lewins, Hon Sec Sustainable Cambodia Australia (SCA).


Hello Jen,
As you know the remote Primary School of Trapieng Prich in the remote Bakan District of Pursat Province Cambodia was built in 2011. Your Clubs support for Sustainable Cambodia Australia (SCA) remote school projects made this happen. As a result the school was dedicated to RC Esperance Bay.
You may be interested to learn that SCA has been awarded a booth in the House of Friendship at the forthcoming Bangkok Rotary World Convention in May.
The SCA D 9465 and 9465 committee is presently preparing our booth plans and we have decided that all 10 of the primary and preschools we have jointly helped the villagers to build, shall be recognised in our display together with their sponsors.
Could you please send me an RC Esperance Bay club banner. This will be affixed next to photographs of the school and the children and teachers of this school, together with the adjoining preschool which was funded by our WA Inner wheel District A40.
I will get back to you with photos of the Convention booth in due course after the convention.
Many thanks
PDG Allan Lewins

Hello Jen,
Here are some photos of your school, the kids and the teacher, taken in the last few days.
Again, thanks for helping to turn these poor kids lives around.
Education, education, education, the only way.  
Are these not the faces of intelligent children ? Of course they are ..........
So why are they being neglected by their own government!!!?
This is just the beginning of the road for these kids.
Can you believe that in 2011 in our year 12 class, in our main school in Pursat Town 18 seniors sat the University Entrance exam ....12 of them got through!
Everyone of them is now sponsored through their University degree course. How about that!   

Please say a huge thank you to your Rotarians in the RC Esperance Bay for their help with our forgotten Cambodian communities in Bakan District.

Yours in Rotary service
PDG Allan Lewins



Sustainable Cambodia David Ford 2012-03-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Dec 12, 2011

As you may recall the Esperance Local Emergency Managment Team was a beneficiary of last year's Radio Auction where we provided a trailer for their All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The trailer has been in use for some time and now, thanks to the efforts of our Club Service Director, there are signs on the trailer acknowledging our support. Here are a couple of pictures:



ATV Trailer Signs David Ford 2011-12-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Dec 03, 2011

The Rotary Club of Esperance Bay Christmas Party took the form of a Western night.

Thank you to Lee, Heather and all those who helped set up and then clean up.

Thank you also to the Quiet Lion Tour parents and students who prepared and served the food.

Although attendance was a little dissapointing those who were there had a great time with good food, good fellowship and great entertainment.

Best Cowboy was Warren Slater - the cowboy from Broakback Mountain

Best Cowgirl was Judy Board - the Indian squaw

Greg, Heather, Jen, Jim and Paul together with cheerleader Lee and narrator Mike put on a pantomime about Little Red Riding Hood. You had to see it to believe it (we have it on video and will be showing it at the meeting on Thursday 22nd). Great fun!

Tom (and chorus Lee and Heather) presented a poem (Benny Hill style) about the rivalry between two sailors.
[Another theatrical masterpiece.] Unfortunately the subjects of the poem were not there to see the performance but it is on the video so can catch it on 22nd.

Here are some pics of the night (thanks to Paul).


Dick, Anne, Brian, Jenny and Jim

Western Night David Ford 2011-12-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Nov 07, 2011
At its’ August meeting the Board resolved to introduce a ‘Bring a Guest’ program to encourage all members to bring a guest to at least one meeting per year.

A schedule has been devised where 3 members are charged with the responsibility of each bringing a guest on one nominated meeting evening each month.

That one meeting each month has been designated ‘visitors night’ and the members rostered to ‘bring a guest’ are encouraged to do so on that night so there are a number of guests attending together and are therefore less likely to feel out of place at our meeting.

Ideally the guest would be a potential new member but a guest can be anyone who is able to spread the good word about Rotary and how our club operates.

Members rostered to 'Bring-A-Guest' are listed in the club calendar.

The next visitors night will be Thursday 24th November and the members listed to bring a guest are: Jim Gray,  Ian McCallum and Greg Hard.

Bring-A-Guest Program David Ford 2011-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Oct 14, 2011

Our club has now subscribed to ClubRunner - an on-line system to handle the club's membership lists, emails, bulletins, web site and much more.

You will have noticed the new format for our newsletter/bulletin. This has improved the presentation of the bulletin but it is taking us a while to get to know how to use it properly, so please excuse any hiccups that may occur.

We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions regarding the new format.

If you need assistance with the bulletin email or the club web site click on 'more' below.

The club web address is:

ClubRunner 101 David Ford 2011-10-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Oct 07, 2011
Our meeting last Thursday (6th October) was held at Oake Marsh Farm, the property of Andrew and Caroline Middleton, where we had a BBQ meal and a large bon fire. About 45 members, friends and children enjoyed the balmy evening with good fellowship, good food and a big fire. The weather was perfect with clear skies, no wind and a not too cool temperature. The evening got under way at about 6pm with most people arriving before dark and so able to more easily navigate the final track to the site. Some of those who came after dark made unscheduled detours before finally arriving.
Bon Fire at Oake Marsh Farm David Ford 2011-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Sep 26, 2011

The new bridge over the railway line in Sims Street was officially opened last Sunday (25th September).

Rotary Club of Esperance Bay was there to assist the associated fund raising venture by selling egg and bacon burgers.

We sold about 140 of our famous egg and bacon burgers adding $731 to the fund for eye machines.

Sims Street Bridge Opening David Ford 2011-09-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Aug 26, 2011
We recently conducted a survey of members to find out how satisfied they were with the way the club is going.

In general we seem to be on the right track but there are, of course, some areas where we can improve.

The results of this survey can be accessed from the download area of the web site.
Member Satisfaction Survey David Ford 2011-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? David Ford 2011-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Thought for the Week - Who Said It? David Ford 2011-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford on Jul 11, 2011
Here you can post little tidbits of information, reminders, or anything else!
Mark Your Calendars! David Ford 2011-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Ford
A memorial dinner was held for Jock Murray at Bonaparte's Restaurant on the evening of Saturday 5th May 2012.


It had already been decided to present Jock with a Sapphire Pin to go with his Paul Harris Fellowship award.
Unfortunately, he left us before we could make the presentation.


Therefore, the opportunity was taken at this function to present Jeanette with Jock's PHF Sapphire Pin.


Members were treated to anecdotes of Jock both while a Rotary member and before.


Jock was also to be presented with a bottle of fine old Scotch whiskey in recognition and thanks for all his hard work and dedication at Prickle Farm. Jeanette has now assumed the responsibility of taking care of the bottle.


Thanks for all the friendship, help and support Jock.

Jock Murray Memorial Dinner David Ford 0